So you think that Microsoft’s Open Office XML is ‘Teh Shiznitz’?

I could go on and on. You all know I could. On and on for page upon ranting page about how bad this is. But I won’t. There just isn’t any point. Anyone who thinks this is good is so deluded that there simply isn’t any point. And if anyone – and I mean anyone – out there wants to argue the point, I will tell you what. If you can tell me where in the specification exactly you find the information on how to properly setup a spreadsheet with a pivot table getting it’s information from an external data source then, and only then, would I be prepared to steamroll you with arguments about why the rest of the specification is a complete and utter failure, a stinking pile of manure on the road to Shitsville. But since you can’t then there is no point. The specification is a rush job, it’s incomplete, it’s full of ambiguities, errors and omissions. Oh and anyone that thinks that this is a good example of how to use XML should really consider a career change. Preferably to something where they never, ever come close to making any sort of design decision. Ever.

Why is this important? Because a lot of misinformed people are deciding to standardize on OOXML instead of ODF. Is this a bad idea? Yes. How bad is it? Well, let me put it this way: it’s the equivalent of invading Russia in late November dressed in Speedos and armed with three really, really sharp tooth picks. Sound stupid? There you go.


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