Why the SCO case won’t lead to more Linux users

Because people don’t care! I am all for Linux – yay Linux ZOMFG!!! FTW!!! etc  – but it gets kind of pathetic when absolutely every single thing that happens in the market automatically has to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Listen up now – Linux won’t take over the world and that is fine. It will be a niche player, a potentially even a strong niche player in certain markets and for certain uses, but it won’t take over the desktop, at least not prior to products like Google Gears et al are the baseline for new applications (i.e. the applications moving onto the network completely but with a very real and useful offline capability as well). And that won’t happen for some time yet. At that point certain users MAY migrate their desktops to Linux but I wouldn’t bet on it, at least not until even the best current breed of distributions get their act together a whole lot more and the community stops frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of Microsoft and starts learning from what they are very, very good at – packaging and marketing.


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