ZOMFG!!! Medison’s computers are delayed!

If anyone that would ever happen to read this have ordered a computer from Medison, I have a business proposition concerning a bridge. Also the late widow of a certain african dictator has deposited a large sum of money that you can get a percentage of. And I have a miracle cure for everything from warts to cancer. Will also make you lose weight really fast even though you can still eat as much crap food as you like!

¬†Here’s the very simple rule that you can use to judge opportunities by: if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. In fact it almost always is too good to be true. (For the particularly dimwitted out there: that means it’s false, untrue, a lie, a scam, a con, a setup, a way to part you from your money)

There are some really cheapo computers to be had out there but if you buy cheap crap you tend to get just that. Cheap crap. I am not saying that you should buy some high end overpriced model that, generally, looks like it has been designed by someone a level of design flair that would rival Ed Wood’s ability to make excellent movies. Buy something sensible. And throw your TV out. It sucks your brain dry.


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