Regulators! Mount up!

With no small amount of glee I notice that the swedish operators are forced to lower the transit and termination prices (or whatever it is called, let me know if there is a better translation). In the case of certain operators by more than 50 percent. Oh, joy and bliss.

You are bitpipes. Nothing more than bitpipes. When will you just accept the fact and stop trying to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything. And for God’s sakes open up your systems. Why can’t Joe Blow use a Youtube video as a video greeting? (Because your vendors are too lazy to even contemplate implementing a feature like that, and the reason why they are too lazy is because you are too lazy and too focused on building some new service that will have take-off capability of a concrete penguin.) Why can’t you try to integrate your services with the interesting user generated content-sources instead of trying to recreate the wheel? Why not ensure that something over at ytmnd can be converted to (horrible thought) an MMS? (In case you are wondering, in most cases it’s just a gif animation and a sound file) Why not embrace and extend instead of ignore and ignore a bit more. Sticking your head in the sand won’t increase your ARPU (and neither will mobile TV in the long term). Be the best possible bitpipe that integrates the interesting services with your existing services and stop trying to build ones that will just cost you a load of cash and no ROI.

Oh, I love the operators. I am just tired of seeing history repeat itself over and over again. And if someone says Telco2.0 I will hit them over the head.


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