Suddenly everyone’s an expert

There’s a bunch of swedish companies that really should take a long look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow. Because becoming a complete Microsoft pawn is not quite what their customers might be expecting of them. And the vote from the SIS working group went as expected. A yes to OOXML which means that now SIS has to decide whether they have the balls to go against that recommendation. I sincerely hope they do. Oh, and here are some of the companies whose participation in the process and discussion was turning up at the vote, paying 17 000 swedish krona ($2 600 approximately) per company and voting.

Exor AB
Formpipe software AB
H-Vision AB
Readrift AB
Emric AB
Strand Interconnect AB
Nordicstation AB
Sourcetech AB
Cornerstone Sweden AB
Solid Park AB
Fishbode systems AB
FSSystem AB
KnowIT Sverige
Modul 1
IDE Nätverkskonsulter
Connecta AB
Camako Data HB
Sogeti AB
Tieto Enator Corp.

I note that there are a lot of Microsoft Gold Partners there. This smells worse by the minute.


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