Death – the season to be jolly

Christmas time is closing in and the dark has pretty much engulfed us. But as the shining beacon of light that I am (universally loved by children and small animals everywhere), I figured I should give you a bit of a christmas present. I have spent some time finding some clips on youtube that I like. For various reasons. You will watch them and enjoy the glorious splendor of various eras of entertainment. And remember, in Soviet Russia the entertainment watches you!

Now, I’d to start out with my personal hero, a man who I would easily place at the top spot of Funniest Men In History Of Mankind. He is of course a completely awful singer. But the lyrics and bizarre dancing certainly make up for any lack in that department. As long as you are tone deaf. And if you dislike the works of the Marx Brothers then I just pity you. You are probably a sad little person.
And since Groucho himself references another Groucho character in that song (Cpt Spaulding) it’s no more than fitting that the next entry here is a song by one of my favorite bands of all time. The lead singer also has the good taste to look a little bit like me which has been commented upon so many times that if someone else says “Hey, you look like Joey Ramone” I am going to do a Blitzkrieg Bop on their head. In any case, here they do a song which in a certain sense reflects a song sung by Groucho in another Marx Brothers movie. But different.
And while we are speaking about funny, I don’t know I was alone in laughing my head off during the Germany vs Greece game in the last european championships. Beckenbauer. Now there’s a surprise. I was just waiting for Karl Marx to turn up. It would also have been great if Thomas Aquianas had been one of the referees but I guess you can’t have everything. Regardless I think that particular skit sums up everything that made Monty Python so funny. And again, it’s binary. Either you find it hysterical or not.
But I must say that there are some very funny comedians working now as well. But at the top of the list is Daniel Tosh in my book. (EDIT: Unfortunately the five Daniel Tosh clips are now gone gone gone from Youtube. You will of course feel very sorry. Also buy his DVD. No, really.) Now why does he get preferential treatment and five links, I hear you cry, pathetic person over there with no life. Because he is fucking funny. And evil. My fellow Jantean PN will get that reference perhaps, perhaps not – if one person gets it, it’s worth keeping in my book. And it’s the Supersuckers – The Greatest Rock’n’Roll Band In The World. If you haven’t seen them live then please, for the love of God, don’t. It’s hard enough to get tickets to their shows as it is and I don’t want to miss them.
Now, that pretty much wraps up my list of things that I have found on youtube lately. So the time has come to say good bye and what better way to do that than in the words of lock, stock and barrel. Merry christmas and see you next year!


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